Opening young hearts and minds to experience the magic of the creative process and see a new world of possibilities for themselves and all that they touch.
ArtsBusXpress' mission is to ensure city and county school teachers have transportation to take students on cultural field trips to arts, science, and technology within the greater San Diego area during their K-12 school experience.
Cultural learning experiences by children exposed to the arts and sciences contribute to the development of academic skills, including the areas of reading, mathematics and language, and the development of certain thinking, social and motivational skills that are considered basic for success in school, life and work.
We champion the importance of arts, sciences, and cultural education.
We are committed to generating positive partnerships between the arts, academia, and the philanthropic community.
We adhere to high ethical and professional standards in our work and partnerships.
We promote partnering with cultural venues to leverage knowledge and exposure to improve the access of cultural experiences to K-12 students within the greater San Diego area.
We strive to help sustain our thriving arts community.

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